Guided Relaxation – Around the body

Feeling a little tense today? Well download this short guided relaxation to sooth your nerves and restore your inner calm and joy.
Yoga with Heidi Seymour

Relax and feel great

In this article I’m going to describe a simple technique that you can use at home to help you feel more relaxed. Good, deep, beneficial relaxation takes a little bit of practise but in time your body will remember and be able to return to these practises again and again to manage stress. (more…)

Why is the Breath so important?

In the classes I teach I try to establish in students a strong basis in breath control throughout the practise. Whether is it simply observing the flow of the breath or keeping it steady and smooth even during the most challenging postures! But why? Why place so much emphasise on this seemingly automatic bodily function. (more…)