5 ways to feel more relaxed

Here are my top 5 ways to feel more relaxed. There are many simple and discreet techniques that you can bring into your day to day routine to help you feel more at ease and relaxed. These 5  tips primarily focus on little things that you can do in an office environment when it’s difficult to find the time to take a break. So take a few moments feel better and be more productive at work!

  1. Slip your shoes off. Spread and wiggle your toes!
  2. Exhale fully and completely. By slightly lengthening your exhalation and making it longer than the inhalation we can directly engage our para-sympathetic nervous system to encourage our body to relax. For example: breath in for a count of 4 and breath out for count of 6.
  3. Recall something really funny that happened to you or a close friend. A genuine smile really does make you feel better and if you laugh even better!
  4. Close your eyes and tilt your head (ear towards the shoulder) from one side and then the other. We store a lot of tension in this region and gently stretching the neck area can really help ease it all away.
  5. Scents are really good way to trick your body into relaxing as the scent receptors in your nose connect directly to the part of the brain that regulates emotions. So consider investing in a travel size atomiser which you can fill with an essential oil such as lavender or whatever fragrance helps you feel more relaxed. Spray a fine mist whenever you need it.

Cut-out and keep the image below as a quick reminder for these techniques!

Top 5 ways to be more relaxed at work

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