My aim in teaching yoga is to simply help people, like yoga has helped me.

In my adult years I found it extremely difficult to be at ease with myself. I was unhappy, worried about “everything” and subsequently suffered badly from stress. I realised that this was not a very nice way to live and in January 1998 I began attending a yoga class on a suggestion from a friend. She said it would help me relax. It was a new year and a new start, I thought I’d give it a go!

I had no idea it would affect me so profoundly. Over time I gained an inner calm and peace of mind. This equipped me with the strength to deal with anything life would throw at me. I found liked yoga, not only was it relaxing but it was also fun. I continued going to class on and off for a number of years.

So why am I yoga teacher? Why did I not just keep going to class every now and then for my top-up tonic?

Well my professional life got hard, very hard. I’d been a web designer for a number of years, in highly pressured environment working to strict deadlines and I was struggling. I had burnt out. I needed a break and took some time off. During this break I returned to doing a lot more yoga. I got better and when I was ready, I returned to work part-time vowing never to get that stressed again.

Then somewhere along the line, I can’t quite remember when I figured I wasn’t satisfied with my weekly class. I wanted to know more. Where did yoga come from? Why did it make me feel better?

So in 2005 I enrolled on a one year British Wheel of Yoga Foundation course. I didn’t begin the course intending to become a yoga teacher but by the end of it I very much wanted to be one. I had a strong urge to share, educate, help and heal others. I felt like I had the keys to the sweetie shop and wanted to share the sweets with all my friends. To make a difference to people’s lives and let them see how yoga can help them just like it helped me. In 2006 enrolled on another course. This time a three year one. It was a big commitment at the time but by the end I would be a British Wheel of Yoga Teacher.

I have now completed my course and still absolutely love and want to share the joy of yoga.  I hope if your new to yoga or haven’t tried it yet that you will to.




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  1. Heidi…Thank you for your gentle floor yoga video. I am a woman with multiple sclerosis, and haven’t done yoga in years, and my disability has progressed…and I have become depressed. I decided to start yoga again, from home, and hoped to find a lovely YouTube video. I tried a few, and felt dejected, and then found yours. Your yoga is gentle, but more importantly, YOU are gentle. Your compassion is evident. Much love and appreciation to you from the States. You have helped me. ❤️ I plan to do your video every day that I am able. And I will visualize my progress, as you suggest. I have much hope! Namaste.

  2. Hello, thank you for practising with me and for your kind words. I’m delighted that you have been able to start yoga again and hope it helps lift your mood and alleviate some aspects of your condition. Keep happy in your head and heart.

    Love and light, Heidi

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