Can Yoga help relieve symptoms of the menopause?

A friend recently asked me if Yoga could help relieve her symptoms of menopause. Genuinely I had no idea? Well it seems there are all manner of trials that have taken place over recent years to investigate this very question.

The most interesting one I found was from the American journal of obstetrics and gynaecology. This trial set out to determine if three non-hormonal therapies could improve menopause-related quality of life. The three therapies being:

1) weekly 90-minute yoga classes with daily at-home practice;
2) individualised facility-based aerobic exercise training 3 times/week; and
3) 0.615 gram omega-3 supplement, 3 times/day.

This was ran on 355 randomised women over 12 weeks. Results being Yoga did appear to improve menopausal quality of life with particular reference to insomnia. The other therapies showed no improvement at all. How interesting!

Read full article here (, be warned this is a medical article and is somewhat dry!

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